The Insect Circus

About the show

The magical world of The Insect Circus invites the audience to forget reality and become immersed in the strange and beautiful world of insects. Beetles and grasshoppers, wasps and dragonflies, demonstrate their dexterity with great skill and humour. Presented using marionettes, the show breathes new life into the traditional techniques used in Victorian trick marionettes.

Plan B for rain

Ideally we'd need to be sheltered for both, specially The Insect Circus, as we cannot perform in the rain. I suspect that for The Travelling Doll it is easier to find shelter as the space occupied is minimal.

Your Doorstepper

Soledad Zarate - String Theatre
I'm a London-based puppeteer, co-founder of String Theatre, a touring puppet company that specialises in long string marionettes. Our productions are non-verbal, based on mime and movement, featuring marionettes and often shadows. We perform in festivals and theatre across the UK and abroad.
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