The Giant Who Slept for Ten Thousand Years

About the show

A journey back in deep time to when giants walked the earth. What happens when humans arrive in the forests? A show about nature, friendship and the places we call home.

NOTICE:Can offer workshop with the show.
WORKSHOP:I can offer workshop with the show.

Plan B for rain

case by case but - I'll acquire an awning - see if there's space inside and move into the living room if possible or - reschedule

Your Doorstepper

Bori Mezö
With a degree in English Literature and Theatre Studies, Bori moved from Budapest to London to train on the Puppet Theatre Barge. Since then she's done various puppetry courses with various artists, in various places: with John Roberts, Puppets in Prague, Curious School of Puppetry and Told by an Idiot. She is fluent in less than or equal to two languages. She's interested in rhythm and what makes visual storytelling tick. She spends a lot of time thinking about human behaviour, displacement and wondering about identity. She loves theatre and most of all puppetry for its ephemerality, playfulness and its moments of jaw-dropping, childlike discoveries. She regularly puppeteers for the Puppet Barge and String Theatre, and most recently she’s created a solo storytelling puppet show for families and co-founded The Doorstepper’s Map, an online interactive map leading to a directory of doorstep performers.
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Length of the show:
35 mins
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Families/Groups with Children 3+
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