How it works

For Audiences

The Doorstepper’s Map is NOT an agency, a booking site or a comparison site. This means we do not manage bookings or take a cut from the artists’ fees. 

The Doorstepper’s Map IS an interactive map of London leading to a directory of performers with shows they can perform on doorsteps. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide for booking a show. If you are an artist, look further down the page to How It Works for Artists.

Step 1.
Select the borough you wish to explore.You’ll be taken to a list of shows by Doorsteppers based in your chosen area. Or, you can click ‘Search All Shows’ to see the whole directory.

Step 2.
Refine your search. You can use categories such as age group, art form and location to find the show that’s right for you. You can also select ‘All London Boroughs’ at this point to find artists who can travel to you – many of them can.

Step 3.
Find out more about an artist. When you click on a Doorstep show, you will find out more about the artist and their work.

Step 4.
Contact your chosen Doorstepper. Their contact details, including website and social media, will be visible on their profile. You can contact them directly to book a performance. We do not handle any bookings through our website. 

Step 5:
Enjoy the show!

FAQs for Audiences

No. You can search for Doorsteppers and contact them without creating an account. 

No. You can contact your doorstepper directly to arrange a booking with them.

We advise all of our Doorsteppers to have an awning to protect them in light rain, and some performers may have gazebos large enough for an audience to fit in, too. Please discuss this with your chosen Doorstepper. If the weather is completely unsuitable, you will need to speak to your Doorstepper to find out if another date is possible. 

Get in touch with your chosen Doorstepper and find out if you can make it work!

No. We encourage all of our Doorsteppers to be fully DBS checked (you can see this on their profile). However, the performers can not be responsible for your children, and we require a responsible adult to be present at all times. 

We ask that you give your Doorstepper at least 48 hours notice of cancellation if possible.

Not yet but we are working on it.

We believe theatre should be for everyone, no matter how much money you have. We also believe artists should be paid for their work! So we’re partnering with various organisations to offer performances which are free or reduced in price for the audience. Please contact us to find out more…

We’re taking things one step at a time, and we hope to expand out of London in future. Some London based Doorsteppers are willing to travel further afield, so do check with them to find out if you can make it work. You can also refine your search category to only include artists who can travel. Be aware this may incur an extra travel cost! 

For Artists

Step 1. 
Complete our Become a Doorstepper quiz to find out if this is the place for you.

Step 2. 
Register as a Doorstepper. You will need to pay a registration fee of £15 to create your account, which lasts for 1 year.

Step 3. 
Submit your show for listing. Include as much info and images as you can! Wait for us to approve your listing…nothing personal, we just need to keep track of who’s joining our community!

Step 4.
Update your availability and contact details, and be ready to take bookings….

Step 5. 
Get the show on the road!

Curious? Head over to Become a Doorstepper to find out more…