Become a Doorstepper


We are so glad you’re thinking of joining our growing community of Doorsteppers.

We want to make sure we’re supporting artists and audiences in line with our values of Connection, Supporting Live Performance, Resilience, and Accessibility. This means helping artists reach audiences, and helping audiences find high quality work for their doorsteps.

At the moment we can only take on artists who are ready to go with existing shows. In the future, we hope we can offer opportunities to help people create doorstep shows.


We expect you…

  • to be a professional performer.
  • to have at least one show ready to perform on doorsteps and in gardens at the time of joining us.
  • to be prepared in case of rain (this is the UK after all!). We recommend buying an awning or gazebo to cover your performance area, and thinking of options in case you have to cancel/reschedule performances.
  • to regularly update your availability. This will increase your chances of getting booked! We know freelance life can be chaotic, so you can remove your availability from your listing at any time. 
  • to manage bookings and take payments yourself. TDM is basically a directory, so audiences will contact you directly. We do not handle bookings or take a cut from your fee.
  • To pay a one-off subscription fee when you sign up to the website. We don’t make a profit here, it’s just to cover our costs and time. We’re freelancers too!
  • to always perform in a professional manner, turn up on time, tidy up after yourself, and communicate well with the people who book you. 
  • to never, ever perform work which is offensive or discriminatory. We don’t police the content of your shows, but we do reserve the right to remove your listing from our website if audiences let us know about any cause for concern.
  • to be COVID safe. Do not perform if you have any symptoms, or have reason to think you might have COVID.
  • to be respectful, kind and considerate at all times when visiting people’s homes.

You can expect us…

  • to keep the website updated and available for people to find you.
  • to respond if you have any questions or concerns, and try to help you the best we can.
  • to share helpful tips and guides for being a Doorstepper.


Here is a short quiz to find out if we’re right for each other. There are no right or wrong answers, it’s just a guide to help you decide. Please take the time to answer these questions before registering with us. 

  • Are you a theatre/ performance maker? 
  • Have you ever performed on a doorstep/garden before? It’s OK if you haven’t! 
  • Do you have an existing show you could perform on someone’s doorstep or garden? You need to have one to sign up with us. 
  • What is your practical set up? (i.e. a table with a suitcase show, a puppet booth, a paddling pool…) 
  • Do you have everything you need to do this?
  • Are you prepared to make adjustments in case of bad weather? This might mean getting an awning, or providing vouchers so people can rebook for a sunnier day. 
  • Do you have a website and/or social media page where people can find out more about you and get in touch? 
  • Are you able to take bookings directly (either over the phone or online)?
  • Do you have time to update your availability, receive bookings and perform shows? 
  • How will you transport yourself and your show? 
  • Why would you like to become a Doorstepper? 


Do you want your show to appear on The Doorstepper’s Map? You can register yourself as a Doorstepper by clicking on the button below. Registration is easy and quick. The registration fee is £15, which helps us keep our website up and running. We do not make a profit from the site or take a cut from your performance fees, but running a website comes with costs and time.  Payments are accepted via PayPal.

You will create a username and password when you register. Once the payment has cleared, you will be able to log into your activated account and submit your show for listing on the site. Once we’ve reviewed your submission to check we have all we need, you’ll be ready to get Doorstepping! You will receive an email updating you at each stage of the process.